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My younger brother adam was actually the first home brewer in the family and a good one! I remember his Irish Red in the late 90's and wanting to try brewing.  Adam bought me a kit and I attempted it.  It was utterly undrinkable, fortunately that has changed.  My first thought of a brewery was going to be the Coral City Brewing Co and I can still see the logo in my head. After 20 years of Law Enforcement and a very understanding wife I made the decision to make the jump into the brewery business.  Truth be told its been years in the making with getting the FFATS name out there with merchandise and donating product in the area.



Ffats Brewing Co. Business Partners

Eric Tarantula Staff

Eldest son of Creighton and Bonnie (Sosalla) Staff

brother Adam Staff (Chetek) sister Amanda Staff (Blair)


A graduate of Whitehall HS class of '92, wrote an essay for RCU college scholarship my senior year about bringing a business to Whitehall.  Didn't get the scholarship, still bank at RCU, and still starting a business!


Eric resides north of Whitehall with his wife and partner in all things Sarah and their 6 kids (Austin, Madison, Yousaf, Abbie, Abbi, and Cooper.

The Story


Bryan Lee

Born October 30, 1945, in New York City. An effervescent child, Lee loved performing and by the age of 14, Lee decided to become an actor. Despite poor grades, his excellent audition won him acceptance into Yale University's Drama School. At Yale, Lee devoted his time to performing, often rehearsing one play by day and performing in another by night. After graduation he moved back to New York to make his mark on Broadway.


In 1973, Lee moved to Los Angeles to take his shot at a career in television.Within two weeks he won a part as Valerie Harper's date on The Mary Tyler Moore Show and followed with a bigger role on The Bob Newhart Show. After a month in Los Angeles, Lee was homesick for life in New York and decided to move back. Before packing his bags he went on one last audition, for the role of a biker in producer Garry Marshall's new TV series, Happy Days. Marshall originally envisioned a big hunky Italian in the part, but after Lee's audition, his exhausting search ended.


On January 15, 1974, Bryan Lee made his television debut as Arthur "Fonzie" Fonzarelli on Happy Days. Despite few lines and a secondary place in the story line, Lee began attracting attention. Before long,Lee was receiving top billing alongside Ron Howard. His newfound fame was almost overwhelming as "Fonzie Fever" swept the nation.


Lee's first major film role was also in 1974 in The Lord's of Flatbush in which he played a member of a Brooklyn gang.


After the cancellation of Happy Days, Lee formed his own production company and went on to produce the successful television series Ryan's Four and MacGyver, as well as directing the film Memories of Me (1988). Continuing his diverse acting career, he has performed in such films as the teen horror hit Scream (1996), The Waterboy(1998), starring Adam Sandler, the Emmy-winning television series The Practice and Arrested Development.


Off screen, Lee is a devoted husband for over 10 years. He married wife Mary Kreibich on May 5, 1978 and is a dedicated father to Lucy Lee. His dedication to children and animals extends beyond his family; he served as the producer of All the Kids are Doing It and Strong Kids, Safe Kids and is an advocate for several groups that benefit underprivileged children. Additionally, he is involved with the Epilepsy Foundation, Toys for Tots, and other charitable organizations.

BREWERY: 36447 MAIN STREET  |  TAP ROOM: 18517 Blair Street   MENUWHITEHALL, WI 54773    |    HOURS: Open Thursday-Saturday

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